A unique concept: a demotour with complete intelligent static control.

Starting in March 2019, the Simco-Ion’s demo truck will visit 11 countries throughout Europe to show a static control simulation in production. Static control is an essential part of the conversion line. In production processes, static charge can often be a severe disruption, as it means that materials get stuck to machine parts or to each other. Operators don’t like getting electric shocks, dust in the surrounding area is attracted by the electric charge and even in explosion hazardous zones, static charge can cause a spark, which in turn can cause a fire or even an explosion. The Demotour start on March 12 2019 at the world’s leading trade fair for the conversion of paper, film and foil, ICE Europe in Munich. During the tour of 7 months, no less than 11 countries will be visited: Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands. The simulation consists of a flat extrusion, coating (ATEX) and a wrapping machine. In this perfect imitating machinery are components included that ensure complete control of static electricity. Static control products that always works reliable and with the optimum performance ensures that the process runs free of stoppages. Products like: IQ Easy Manager, Sensor IQ Easy, Performax IQ Easy Ex and the ThunderION IQ 2.0. All products of the IQ Easy platform, an intelligent static control system. Connecting the Sensor IQ Easy, placed downstream, to the anti-static bar Performax IQ Easy provides a feature called Closed Loop Feedback (CLFB). This enables the anti-static bar to regulate its performance to accommodate to the situation and react in closed loop to reach a static charge level as close to zero as possible. In 2020 we expect to extend the tour to other countries. We will keep you informed about the developments of the DEMOTOUR 2019! And please check our website www.iq-easy.com/demotour, which will be continuously be updated. 

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Demotour 2019

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