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Simco-Ion invites you to read the latest news about the Simco-Ion products and organisation.

Change may seem difficult! Only because it is new.

For some time now Simco is using a new system to handle repairs.

Repair prices are calculated directly on entry on the website. The customer can immidiately decide if it is woth repairing the product.

We still get occasional questions about how to fill in the form, especially when it concerns a calibration.

For callibration of all static locators, including Sensor elements of the Sensor IQ Easy you can use one generic item number and one generic date.

Procedures how to fill out the forms can be viewed here:



New pricelist

The new pricelist is available for download. 

New pricelist Q4 2017

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The table on content has been improved
Some products are added:

Air knife with Performax IQ Easy
Air knife with Performax Easy Ex
ThunderION 2.0 HD and ThunderION IQ 2.0 HD, heavy duty with Teflon emiiter holders.
HDR-Air , HDR charging bar with air assist to keep the pins clean.
Typhoon with Performax IQ Easy
Typhoon with Performax Easy Ex
Typhoon with Performax IQ Easy Ex

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