Connect your CM5 to the IQ Easy platform!

Thanks to the IQ Com Generator Converter it is possible to connect any existing CM5 charging generator to the Manager IQ Easy or Extension IQ Easy in an IQ Easy system. This makes it possible to pair the CM5 with a Sensor IQ Easy to enable Closed Loop Feedback charging.  What is Closed Loop Feedback charging (CLFB)? The Sensor IQ Easy bar will measure the static charge on the web and the generator output voltage will adapt constantly so that the static charge stays constant at the desired level. So you don’t need to constantly monitor the charging effect and setting new charging setpoint voltages.  Read more about Closed Loop Feed Back and the advantages of it in our blogs:


More accurate static bonding with CLFB


Static bonding becomes intelligent (IQ)  Which other issues will be improved or eliminated? By adding a CM5 to your IQ Easy Platform lots of problems related to static electricity will be solved:


  • Production failures and production stops will be reduced, due to improved reliability and early warnings.
  • Quality assurance: you can find back all data and action logs.
  • You will get a warning when there is something wrong with a device so that you can intervene on time. The warnings and alarms will give you the chance to plan the maintenance or replacing of equipment before full break down. So no surprise machine stops due to defective static control equipment anymore!
  • When the Charging generator is connected to the IQ Com, it can be operated from the Manager IQ Easy.


Read more information about the IQ Easy Platform on 


This small charging generator for IML applications will save you money!

The CMME charging generator is specially designed for IML applications, where it can be mounted at the end of a robot arm.

It now has been upgraded from 18 kV 50% Duty Cycle to 20 kV 100% Duty Cycle.

Easy integration on the robot arm because of the small size, light weight and easy connections, give a great improvement to reliability and optimising and reducing the cycle time.

And thanks to the patented cycle OK function you can reduce the charging time drastically and thus the total cycle time of the injection moulding process. So it will save you money!

Read more about the unique (patented) cycle OK feature and other features of the CMME on: 

Do you want to see the CMME in action on a machine?

In this video you can see Simco-Ion's CMME charging generator for IML applications in action on 2 machines in combination with the Simco-Ion special compound to make IML cores, Easycore:

ThunderION 2.0 UL, ThunderION HD

With certain production processes its necessary to neutralise static electricity at a very long distance, for example winding and rewinding of webs where the diameter of the re-winding section changes continuously. With the ThunderION a new technique is being used were long range neutralisation is possible without air support as transport medium for the ions.

Till now the ThunderION range existed from the ThunderION 2.0 and the ThunderION IQ 2.0.

We now have added two new types of ThunderION’s to our product range, to meet our customers’ demands, namely:

ThunderION 2.0 UL

The ThunderION 2.0 is now also available as a version with UL certification, the ThunderION 2.0 UL.
Check out our UL certificate

ThunderION 2.0 HD

The ThunderION 2.0 HD has Teflon emitters holders and can be used in heavy duty applications where the standard emitter holders cannot withstand chemicals and pollution.


A Simco-Ion anti-static bar with airknife combine the effects of air amplification and ionisation to produce a high-velocity “sheet” of ionised air (amplification ratio as high as 25:1). This combined effect can be used for static neutralising and dust removal in a single operation, for instance in the automotive finishing, printing, packaging, plastics and textile industries. 

The airknife can be supplied with a MEB anti-static bar and from now on also with a Performax IQ Easy and a Performax Easy Ex anti-static bar. 

Airknife with Performax IQ Easy

The airknife with Performax IQ Easy is especially useful for situations where the ionisation or cleaning needs to be mobile s.a. cleaning parts with a robot. With the 24V connection it is easy to install in such applications. The Airknife with Performax IQ Easy is standard available in 4 lengths, 150, 310, 460 and 610 mm. Longer combinations on request. 

Airknife with Performax Easy Ex

For use in explosion hazardous areas the airknife with Performax Easy Ex can be used.

Reduce operational costs by 30 to 70% by using a Typhoon

Typhoon airknives eliminate static and removes particles from flat and contoured surfaces. A Typhoon system incorporates a blower with an airknife. This system provides a continuous stream of clean ionised air for removal of surface particles and contamination. The Typhoon is adaptable to large halo systems used for auto and truck body cleaning prior to painting. It is also suitable for cleaning bumpers and other plastic parts. The bumpers or parts can be placed on a rack before going into the spray-painting cabin. By using blowers instead of compressed air, Typhoon can reduce operational costs by 30 to 70%.

The airknife Typhoon comes standard with a type EP-Sh-N anti-static bar (with power supply). 

The Typhoon range is now extended with a Performax IQ Easy (24V, optional with Manager) or Performax (IQ) Easy Ex. 

For use in explosion hazardous areas, the P-Sh-N-Ex ionization bar (230V) or Performax Easy Ex (24V) or Performax IQ Easy Ex is used (24V, Option with Manager).


Want to see how the Typhoon system works?

Blower driven air knives can clean surfaces in a very efficient way. With very low energy cost, contamination and static electricity will be removed from all shapes and surfaces.
Watch our video of the Typhoon system to see how it works:

Curious how you can reduce your operational costs by using a Typhoon system?

A Typhoon system consists of a blower with one or several Typhoon airknives and tubes. Each system will be tailored specifically for a customers application. A checklist can be completed by the customer with all specific data. If needed Simco-Ion can supply a trial system so the customer can determine the air pressure (blow off force) needed to eliminate static charges and or removing impurities. 

Dependent from the required air pressure the capacity of the blower can be determined, and Simco-Ion can offer the right blower.

We would be pleased to help you comparing our Typhoon system with compressed air systems. Using a spread-sheet, Simco-Ion will be able to calculate exactly the payback period of a planned investment in a Typhoon, when you provide the relevant variables.

Performax (IQ) Easy Ex world wide acceptance

We are proud to announce that, in addition to the ATEX approval, we now also have the IECEx certificate. This gives our Performax Easy EX and Performax IQ Easy Ex anti-static bars a worldwide acceptance for use in explosion hazardous environments.

In many countries outside the EU, no additional compliance will be necessary. Please check with your local government agencies.