• IML Electro Static Label Pinning

Static label placement in mould

IML Electrostatic Label Placement or pinning

Outside the mould, inside the injection moulding machine, the robot picks-up a single, pre-printed PP label onto a dummy core and the label will be transported (high-speed) into the mould cavity (single or multiple). When the label is on the final spot in the mould, the label will be electrostatically charged with the Simco-Ion CM-Lite high Voltage generator or Static Generator and the several connected Charging electrodes(spider pins) in the dummy-core. After charging the label with a static charge, the label will transfer to the mould wall(grounded) where it sticks due to the electrostatic charge. Now the robot-arm will be pulled back and the mould will be closed and the moulding-process can take place as usual.

For this IML process Simco-Ion developed a special rugged and flexible High Voltage cable suitable for cable chains in robot-applications.


Schematic principle of label placement

Static charge on label
principle label placement
Static label charging pins
IML electrodes HV spider

Products needed for Electrostatic label pinning

Simco - CM-Lite High Voltage Generator

Simco - IML Spider electrode


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