• external powered AC Static eliminators

Industrial static eliminators AC

AC Industrial static eliminators are powered by means of an external powersupply. The advantage of AC static eliminators are the compact size of the static bar. The powersupply is connected to the local grid(110/120/220/230Vac) with a plug. The powersupply delivers a high-voltage, usually 7kV, to an industrial static eliminator bar. The High-Voltage needs to be connected to the antistatic bar with a high-voltage cable. The Antistatic bars are delivered with a fixed length of cable that can not be shortened.


Selecting the right AC anti static bar

The selection of an AC anti static bar is done in three parts. First you have to chose the working distance to the material. This is the distance between the material and the static eliminator. Then you will have to chose the length of the needed HV cabling. This is the length from the bar to the external power supply. After that you will have to chose the right parameters for your powersupply(grid voltage, etc.) to power the anti-static bar.


Product selection help

Product                Description                         Powersupply           Working distance                Link to product

MEB                    Small rectangle bar           AC-230/110             10mm < >   100mm           Goto: Simco MEB

MEJ                     Small round bar                 AC-230/110             10mm < >   100mm          Goto: Simco MEJ

1/2"SS                Harsh condition bar           AC-230/110             10mm < >   100mm          Goto: Simco SS-bar

MaxION             Mid range high Temp         AC-230/110             10mm < >   400mm          Goto: Simco MaxION

EP-Sh-N             Mid range polluted area     AC-230/110             10mm < >   300mm         Goto: Simco Ep-Sh-Nr

P-Sh-N               Long range polluted area   AC-230/110             10mm < >  1100mm        Goto: Simco P-Sh-N

P-Sh-N-EX         ATEX Certified bar               AC-230/110             10mm < >   1100mm       Goto: Simco P-Sh-N-EX


Power Supply( HV Generator)

For all types of AC Powered Static Eliminators a Simco-Ion Power Supply is needed. The Powersupply can be used to connect a maximum of 4 anti static bars. The Power supply can be ordered in different settings and for different grid-voltages. Please check ther version that you need at the following link:

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