New IML products
January 2014


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IML product offering increased

IQ Com
CM Micro IQ Easy

Simco-Ion has added 2 new products to the already extensive IML product range!

The IQ Com communication module makes it possible, together with the CM Micro IQ Easy, to control the charging generator directly via Ethernet IP.
This enables you to set and read all kind of parameters that will help you to make the IML process more reliable and faster. Output voltage and current can be monitored to gain important knowlegde about needed charging times.

IML product range

IML Easycore
IML Spider

The Simco-Ion IML product range now consists of:

Charging generators:

  • CM Micro Easy up to 18 kV
  • CM Micro IQ Easy up to 18 kV
  • CM Lite IML up to 18 kV
  • CM5 up to 30 kV

Charging electrodes:

  • HDC and HDR
  • IML pins and resistors
  • IML foam
  • IML Easycore resin
  • IML Spider


  • IQ Com
  • External control kit
  • Cables

IML cable for cable chain

A new high voltage cable which is fully compatible fro use in cable chains has been added to the product offering. See the attached specification.